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Grab the meaning of words written into menu. Asking your favourite meals now becomes easier and is useful to be able understand the menu's list. All these specialties can be in your hands .... When you are reading the menu, and you dont know the meaning of some meals or some terms written, is the moment to use this translator to understand in advance, if what you are asking for, is exactly what would you like to taste. It's really easy to remove this frustration, you write the unknown phrase on the empty field, you push the button send, and we respond immediately with an easy explanation and we try to clarify better your unknown Italian's food dishes with a lot of pictures.

Pasta - Rice - Soup

Find out the meaning of hundreds Italian dishes, unique specialties. Many dishes are named so weird. Each ones with a story to tell you. The database give you in a simple, fast and efficient form an explanation for those who sit at the table of Italian Restaurant. Strange names like puttanesca, strozzapreti, salvagenti, tortellini, orecchiette , will become easy for you to understand really what they mean.

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Meat & Fish

From north to south of peninsula, "Il bel paese" you can taste a lot of delicious dishes, cooked differently in each region, from hills, you can taste, hunted animals, farm animals or poultry . Moreover being surrounded by the sea, Italy is a privileged country whereby you can taste too excellent dishes of fish and crustaceans, . With menu translate is really easy to enjoy a meal consciously

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Listen the phrases you need

Here you can listen and repeat to the waiter the phrases you need directly in Italian language. Enjoy to try Italian talking, be able to ask yourself for a bottle of water or wine or for example some more sauce that tastes especially good. Try to talk in Italian with us. Translate the incomprehensible words mentioned on the Restaurant Menu list. Try to repeat the phrases you need directly in Italian. Ask for wine or water or whatever you need .

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Translation of Menu terms with a quick explanation and Pictures


Insert in the form the Words you don’t understand in the Menu and Click [send]


It is a FREE tool available for all foreigners who love Italian food, people that need a translation of terms used on the menu list. With simple food descriptions and photographic support you can know the hundreds of cuisine words and their meaning. Numerous typical foods and condiments, are named with strange terms hard to understand for a foreigner, condiments such as Amatriciana, Puttanesca, type of pasta as Strigoli, Bigoli, Cannaroni, Strozzapreti, or meat dishes like saltimbocca, Trippa, Zimino, or fish dishes such as Scoglio, rana pescatrice, Cannocchia, Scorfano. Everyone has the right to know the meaning of the various terms that distinguish sharply Typical dishes and flavours from every region of Italy. This food translator, will give you a nice and detailed description, sometimes with historical note supported by descriptive images of dishes that will be served to you. If you don’t understand the menu description, this is the tool for you, we update the most searched food , monthly. If you follow us in twitter or FB you will be informed of news updates about new search. Listen the terms of our Cuisine and try to use it when you talk with waiter. Enjoy to know the menu meaning when you travel or you are on vacation in Italy. For many years I travel for my job everywhere and every time when I seat in a restaurant I was curious to know better what was the foods proposed on menu , thus it was born the desire to create this free tool easy to use. Lots of people is happy to know the beauty of Italy and I think our kitchen is part of these beauties. The “Bel Paese” has a very important Tourist and Culinary culture with its thousands of recipes that identify the many regions of the peninsula. The translation of menu is not always easy because there are a lot of slang terms, hard to describe and explain in simply form but we do our best for you. For this reason the glossary is accompanied by numerous pictures to help you to understand the various dishes.

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