primo piatto

Extension or phrases relate at Primo piatto [First course] Read and listen

Is a dishes like pasta, rice, soup of vegetables, meat or fish.
In Italy we have more of 100 type of pasta made and cooked in many ways and for this reason my Idea of this site.
You will enjoy in our country, the pleasure of tasting many traditional pasta dishes but also specialities dictated by chefs from all over the peninsula.
Consider that every region of Italy has its own specialities due to its geographical position and that has deep roots in the history of our country.

-If you want try two (bis) or three(tris) type of pasta dishes…..mi scusi può portarmi un tris di primi? listenascolta/listen
If you would like more sauce…..Mi scusi, può portarmi del sugo a parte? listenascolta/listen
If you would like some parmesan cheese…..Mi scusi può portarmi del parmigiano? listenascolta/listen
if you would like salt…..Mi potrebbe portare il sale? listenascolta/listen





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