Chianina  (the white giant).

Chianina is a breed of cattle called “the white giant” much bigger than a normal dairy cow. Its meat has great features and is perhaps one of the healthier animals and valuable that exist in the world. It’s a breed of the Val di Chiana Tuscany/Umbria from which it takes its name.
Stands out with its height at the withers about 190 with is white coat, does not fit well to intensive breeding and therefore prefers the grazing. The Scottona of Chianina,is the most valuable meat, delicacy and with exceptional taste, in this case justifies a higher price.
From the meat of this breed you get the Florentine steak which is a cut of meat very fine and giant (often exceeds the weight of 1 kg), giant like the animal (see more about Fiorentina).

The giant chianina bull

Chianina Bull