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Salsiccia (sausage) Pork sausage. Is good cooked on a grill or in a pan and tastes good with other types of meat or vegetables. Often is the base for sauces, ragù, and various kinds of stuffed. If you are waiting for a “grigliata Mista” (mixed grill) , you will surely find some sausage  

tagliatelle fresche


Tagliatelle (Italian pasta) The “tagliatelle” or “fettuccine” are typical kind of pasta of central northern Italy. Their name come from the verb “cut” or “cutting”, since you get stretching out the dough into thin sheet and then after having it rolled up on itself cut into thin strips A variant are green noodles where in

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Fettuccine (Italian pasta) The “fettuccine” are typical of central and northern Italy. Their name comes from the name “fettucce” (ribbons) long strips, s’ gets stretch the dough into a thin sheet after it has been wound on itself and then it will cut into thin strips – Are very similar to tagliatelle but these are

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Spaghetti (Italian pasta) The word spaghetti is often used to label Italian people, this makes you understand which is the importance of this type of pasta in Italian cuisine. Spaghetti are cooked with combinations of any kind. We can found them accompanied with simple condiments such as garlic, oil and chilli or cheese and pepper

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Ravioli Is a type of pasta which is obtained by mixing eggs and flour are filled with meat, and usually has a square shape – Two thin sheets filled with minced meat – If the fill like in the area of Piemonte is made with roast beef or roast veal , and topped with the

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lasagne verdi


Lasagne (Italian specialty in oven cooked) Wide are strip of cooked pasta layered with béchamel sauce (*) and ” Ragù (*)”sauce of beef and pork in the middle all cooked in the oven. These stuffed layers can reach too a height of 3 cm. They originate in Emilia Romagna and are known and eaten since

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Frutti di mare

Frutti di mare (sea food) Frutti di Mare ….(Seafood) is a condiment made with fish, exactly prawns , cockles mussels clams. It goes very well with all kinds of long pasta or with rice. Typical dishes are fettuccine, spaghetti or Tagliatelle (noodles) with seafood on the risotto is often added the sepia sauce.  

Raviolini in brodo


Anolini (stuffed Italian pasta) “Anolini” are a type of filled pasta native to northern Italy (Piacenza and Parma). There is a variant of the province to Cremona known as “marubini” It is a dish with ancient roots, is already known in XIV century , passed from mother to daughter. Tradition has it that during the

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